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        Nanjing Expedition Fiberglass Co,.Ltd. is located near Nanjing Fiberglass Research & Design Institute.Specialized in the special fiberglass products and the high performance textile fiber fabric development.The main products are divided into three series: high silica fiberglass products, fiberglass fabric/cloth and its coatings, the ceramic fiber (aluminum silicate fiber) products, and their thread/tape/rope.Used as the fireproof materials,the thermal insulation materials,the sound absorption materials,the heat-insulating materials,the safety protection materials, the anti-corrosive materials, the electric insulation materials and so on.
        The Corporation products mainly utilize in the fields of Marine, Wind Energy, Sports and Recreation, Automotive and Aerospace & Defense and construction etc.
    High Silica Cloth; Fiberglass Fabrics; Fireproof Cloth; Fireproof Curtains; Fire Blankets; Welding Blankets;
     Fiberglass Needled Felt/Mat; Hi-temp Filter Bags; Fiberglass Fabric Coatings; Mesh for Metal Casting
        The products through the GNTEX worldwide network of agencies and distributors, to more than 40 countries and regions,such as North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, as well as domestic market.
        Our company has been persisting in "Higher Performance Delivered, Win-Win Cooperated ", and it is mainly aimed at respect customer, respect employee, respect community, to realize the harmonious successful as our final goal.
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